Ellie Yakar-Wells

Name: Ellie Yakar-Wells

Email Address: cllr.ellie.yakar-wells@hungerford-tc.gov.uk

Mobile: 07500 019298

Position: Deputy Chair of Environment & Planning

Status: Active

Sub-committees & Responsibilities

  • Recreation, Amenities & War Memorials Committee
  • Environment & Planning Committee
  • West Berks Association Of Local Councils

Declaration of Interest Forms



I have worked in Hungerford town centre as a local Estate Agent for the last six and a half years, which I feel gives me a sound knowledge of the local area. With my job I do feel I could support the environment and planning team, if desired. Three years ago I became a Director of the business and now run the business day to day whilst owning part of it. I think this offers a few positives, firstly as a local business owner I am very keen to keep our High Street alive and encourage visitors. I did actually point out that I thought it was a real shame waste collection was happening whilst the weekly market was running (thank you for listening and doing something about

it!) Secondly I am well known in the town and hope that people find me friendly and approachable. In my job I meet a lot of new people and am confident publicly speaking/delivering presentations.

I moved to Hungerford five years ago so am now also a local resident. I plan for the town to be my home for many more years and would also be interested in supporting the neighbourhood plan as this will have an impact on my life too. Moving from Oxford to Hungerford was a big step and I had fears that I may not like living here, however it was wonderful to discover what a fantastic community Hungerford is and I feel now is a time I would like to give something back to that community by helping the Council.

Whilst I have never been part of a town Council before I have always had a keen interest in supporting the community. As a teenager I was part of "Youth Forum" in Abingdon which worked with the local Council to give feedback on how the younger part of the community could be supported by the Council. I know that youth behaviour has been an issue at times in Hungerford and would be more than happy to explore how we can best deal with this. I have also done volunteer work in the past, at homeless shelters as well as supporting the elderly in the community at Christmas.