Recreation, Amenities & War Memorials Committee

The Committee meets once a month.  The main areas of responsibility and interest are:

  • The Triangle Field Sports Ground on Priory Road which is now owned freehold by the Town Council having been purchased from West Berkshire Council in 2015.  The main user of the Triangle Field is the Hungerford Rugby Club.  Representatives of the club assist in the day-to-day management of the Field via a Management Committee, on which three Town Councillors also serve as members.
  • The War Memorial Recreation Ground at Bulpit Lane leased to the Town Council by the Town and Manor of Hungerford in 1951.  The site includes the lower playing field area adjoining the town's cricket ground, the Bulpit Lane children's playground, the skateboard park, the residential property known as Swimming Pool House and also the War Memorial Avenue and the Tragedy Memorial Garden at the entrance to this.
  • St Lawrence's Churchyard in the Croft and St Saviour's cemetery just off the Wantage Road.  These are statutory responsibilities and involve arrangements for burials and interments of ashes, the keeping of burial records and the repair and maintenance of both sites.  St Lawrence's is a closed churchyard.
  • The allotment sites at Fairfields and Marsh Lane. 
  • The Bridge Street War Memorial and its surrounding site, including the paved area and the adjoining trees, shrubs and garden land.
  • The Croft Field Activity Centre recently acquired on a long lease from West Berkshire Council.  The building has recently been repaired and improved and is hired out regularly to a wide variety of users.
  • The Hungerford Youth and Community Centre in Priory Road.  This is leased from West Berkshire Council and managed on a day-to-day basis by a management committee which includes two Town Councillors.
  • Smitham Bridge children's playground acquired in the 1980s when the adjoining site was redeveloped for new housing and the playground site was donated to the Town Council.
  • Benches - There are approximately 70 benches placed around the town. 

Key issues


24 allotments at Fairfields are being worked, each one pole in size. A larger site at Marsh Lane provides 108 plots of varying sizes from one to four poles. For availability contact 01488 684182

Triangle Field   

The Triangle sports field is a multi-purpose sports field and is available for hire for a wide range of sports including rugby, football, keep fit, boot camps or any grass orientated sport, and also for recreation and other community leisure purposes. 

Croft Field Centre

Facilities for hire include: a main room with kitchenette, a second room (North Room) with sink, toilets and showers, a large field which is used for outside activities , overnight camping, fetes etc.