Hungerford Town Council

St Saviour's Cemetery

The Cemetery is situated at Wantage Road, Eddington, Hungerford and there is parking for a small number of cars.  In years gone by the town's deceased were buried in St Lawrence's Churchyard but this was getting full by the 1880s and was closed in 1891 following a Notice of Closure.  There was an existing Church (St Saviour's) at Eddington, dedicated in 1868, and in 1889 two acres of land were purchased to the north of the existing churchyard and this is now used as the town's Cemetery.

To arrange a burial
In the event of a death your undertaker will arrange for a burial or cremation plot and liaise with us directly so you do not need to get in touch with us yourself.  The Town Council aims to offer a sympathetic service to the bereaved, and deals with enquiries from members of the public, funeral directors and monumental masons.  

Please see below for our charges and the cemetery regulations.