Environment & Planning Committee

Hungerford Town Council's Environment and Planning Committee meets once a month to discuss planning applications submitted to West Berkshire Council for building, structures, alterations, and for other planning amendments that need the approval of the Downlands Planning Committee which covers a wide area of West Berkshire.

The West Berkshire planning department sends on these applications for our consideration and members of Hungerford Town Council E&P committee consider them in the context of what it considers is in the best interests of Hungerford, its residents and within the tradition of the town. There are Government and local authority guidelines to help us in these considerations. Our aim is also to deliberate on the possible effects that an application may have on the local environment, being in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and may oppose any proposal that may be of detriment to the beauty and the well-being of the town.

In many cases, we will also do our best to protect against over-development in tightly enclosed areas and monitor any changes requested to the many listed buildings throughout Hungerford.  It is particularly anxious that advertising, eg shop sign illuminations, is kept to the minimum and, where it is essential, is in keeping with its surrounding area.

Occasionally a major developer may purchase building land and a presentation will be expected to indicate density and design of the proposed development. Hungerford Town Council is extremely protective of its environment and would need to be convinced that the need for the development outweighs the former use of the parcel of land.

The E&P Committee decides on around 6 submitted plans per meeting and its decisions are sent to West Berkshire Council’s Planning Department.  Although the committee tries to represent the interests of the broader Hungerford community, both residential and commercial, the recommendations are just that – recommendations – the final decision rests with West Berkshire Council.