Finance & General Purposes Committee

The Finance and General Purposes committee provides the financial control for the Town Council and ensures that our monetary resources are managed wisely with the greatest benefit to all residents and within the financial rules governing Local Authorities. It meets every other month and deals with the following issues:-

  • Setting of the Precept, which is agreed at Full Council and presented to West Berkshire District Council as an annual demand. This precept will influence the level of Council tax payable by each household within the parish.
  • Co-ordination of the budgets of all other spending committees
  • Approval of invoices for payment, monthly
  • Arranging auditing of accounts
  • Distribution of grants. Applications are considered by committee and are generally paid to successful applicants in May. Grants must be of benefit to the people of Hungerford.  
  • Salaries, training and expenses including civic and Mayoral expenses
  • Insurance  and Health & Safety
  • Advertising, newsletters and subscriptions
  • Computers, stationery and office costs
  • Utility bills, rent and room hire

The committee is made up of the Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Chairman and Deputy, and Chairmen of each committee.