Tourism & Economy Committee

Tourism and Economy Committee

This committee meets every other month to consider aspects of the town and our environs that would attract visitors and investment.

·         Promote Hungerford as “The heart of the North Wessex Downs” in association with the local Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty organisation.

·         Work with Chamber of Commerce to develop facilities that would enhance the visitor experience as a Tourist Destination.

·         Establish links with key business organisations to ensure that Hungerford is considered as a potential base for inward investment.

·         Maintain pressure on all Authorities for the best transport system to sustain economic development of the locality e.g electrification of the railway.

Key Tasks

·         Promotional material including Town Guide, maps etc.

·         Information point

·         Co-ordinate wider  business interests

·         Appropriate signage

·         Seek feedback from visitors/tourists/businesses

Contact; Cllr Martin Crane OBE  Tel; 01488 684804 ; e-mail