Hungerford Town Council

About Us


The Town Council is just one part of local government in Berkshire, but is the part closest to the people and represents residents at a local community level.

We try to work in partnership with West Berkshire Council and our District Councillors, although we always maintain our independence from them and ‘fight our corner’ if there are differences in our views and decisions. West Berkshire Council is responsible mainly for strategic services such as highways, education, planning, environmental health and refuse collection.

In Hungerford, our powers and duties cover many of the things that people might take for granted – things such as the care and maintenance of many of our public areas, sport and recreation sites, rights of way and cemeteries, and in putting up the official Christmas decorations in the town.  Importantly, Hungerford Town Council can set the precept, which is the Council’s demand for an amount to be included in your council tax each year to manage facilities and services for local people.

One of our most important roles though is to try to represent the views and concerns of all local residents on issues that might impact on the community, such as planning applications.

Council Meetings

Town Council meetings are held in public – usually on the first Monday evening of each month. We are led by our Mayor and supported by the Town Clerk, whose role is to administer the Council's business and to ensure that our business is conducted within the law. The Clerk is often the first point of contact for the Council.


Councillors are elected for four years and in this time should be taking action on many things that affect the town and the community such as:

  • advising on land which is suitable for industrial or residential development;
  • campaigning for better road safety and reducing the fear of crime;
  • providing representation at local planning enquiries;
  • raising concerns about rural transport services;
  • providing a liaison between other local authorities or official bodies.

What should also be expected of us as your Council are constructive agendas, encouragement of open debate, and constant efforts to find new ways of getting people involved.

Your councillors are a group of volunteers who work together to make decisions and produce plans for the greater community benefit. We are keen to listen to the views of others, getting broad agreement on the best way forward and being jointly responsible.  We also wish to channel our enthusiasm, skills and knowledge for the benefit of the whole community of Hungerford.

We have standards to comply with, such as:

  • holding our meetings in public and publishing the agendas for those meetings;
  • having rules about our business and personal conduct;
  • looking to the future and having effective forward planning proposals;
  • working with other groups in the town.

Should my local council expect anything of me?

Local democracy is a two way affair and we hope that you will take an interest in the things that matter most. Remember – we try to be your voice at government level, and this is difficult if we don't get constructive public input and feedback.  We welcome the contribution of both public and community organisations and, being active in a local group and establishing a dialogue with the Council, is a good way to put your views forward.

If you wish to become actively involved, you could consider being an elected Councillor – and joining the team.

Town Council elections take place every four years, although in between there may be elections to fill casual vacancies.  No formal qualifications are needed but there are certain simple rules to satisfy if you wish to be considered.  The full Hungerford Town Council meets at least ten times per year and sub-committees more frequently. Your time commitment would depend on how much participation you make in one or more of the four active sub-committees and other working groups that we currently have.

Each one of the Council’s operating committees has placed information on their specific activities in their own section of this web site . . . so please visit these pages and learn more of the detail behind their roles.

If you need any other information about us, please contact our Town Clerk.