Thank you for your interest in joining the council. We currently have one vacancy which we can fill by co-option.

Please find attached a copy of HTC's policy explaining the process for joining the council by co-option. If you decide you would like to apply we will require Appendix A signed and returned along with your resume for consideration. In the meantime you are very welcome to attend any of our Town Council meetings to get a feel for how they run and topics for discussion. The next upcoming agendas can be found on the home page of this website. There is always the option to introduce yourself at the meetings should you wish or you can just listen.

The co-option policy refers to the Code of Conduct and please click on the following link, for this, our Standing Orders and Financial Regulations which are on our website Policies - Hungerford Town Council ( A calendar of our meetings can also be found on our website. Most meetings usually take place in the Library and are generally held on a Monday evening commencing at 7pm.

To give you an idea of the commitment required –

All councillors meet for Full Council, usually the first Monday of every month and you would also be required to join at least 2 other committees, so attending around 3 meetings a month. There are a variety of committees to choose from and free training is available. Outside of meetings most correspondence is by email but there are also site meetings, civic events and hands on tasks depending on your interest. It is quite a commitment but very rewarding.

If you have any queries whatsoever please don’t hesitate to give me a call and I am happy to chat through what the role would involve in more detail.

Kind regards

Claire Barnes

Town Clerk

Hungerford Town Council

Notice Date: 17/10/2023