Planning applications are dealt with by the Environment and Planning Committee. It is mandatory that Hungerford Town Council be consulted by West Berks District Council as part of the planning process, although our role extends merely to expressing a local opinion in terms of support or otherwise for the application, with occasional comments. WBDC are under no obligation to act upon our advice or on the opinions we express.

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Development to the South of Hungerford

Response from Bewley Homes

Further to our Environment and Planning Meeting of 10th June 2019 we have now received a response from Bewley Homes on the questions submitted to them regarding the Salisbury Road development. Please refer to the attached document.

Response from Bewley Homes

Salisbury Road - Update

Back in April the outline planning for a housing development at Salisbury Road was passed by West Berks Council. Strong public feeling against this was expressed at Town Council meetings. Alternative options had been suggested by the Town Council that had less impact on the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The Town Council felt compelled to act.

A call in to the Secretary of State about the application resulted in a delay to the period to challenge the application. Meanwhile WBC obtained official approval of their Development Plan Document, containing many of the issues that apply to the Salisbury Road site and HTC responded by challenging this as to not do so would have seriously compromised any case against Salisbury Road.

Having raised money through crowd funding and by contributing themselves, HTC got as far as the permission stage of a Judicial Review but then the case was dismissed by the judge as not strong enough.

The only possibility left was to challenge the planning application decision. However, after considerable thought the Town Council decided it couldn’t afford to go down the Judicial Review process again. Professional advice obtained also advised against this. The failure of the JR against the DPD would harm a challenge against the planning application and our chances of success were much lower than before. We would be up against an adopted DPD and the support of the town was waning.

On Tuesday 6th February we will meet with the developer Cala to hear about their plans. Entering dialogue may be our only chance to influence the design and layout etc. of the housing at Salisbury Road.

Decision Notice on Salisbury Road AONB Development

Please see the decision notice for the Salisbury Road AONB Development outlined in the attached document.

Decision Notice

Judicial Review of Salisbury Road AONB Development


We have received an order from the Judge refusing HTC permission for Planning Statutory Review. This means that having reached permission stage of the JR we are unlikely to proceed any further. The Judge’s decision is to NOT allow the case to proceed to a full substantive hearing. If appropriate we can apply to renew the application to an oral hearing where our barrister can argue before a judge the reasons to grant permission. There would be further costs involved with this. This will be discussed at the Full Council meeting on Monday.

Judge's Decision

Please see the attached document which outlines the Statement of Facts & Grounds which will be examined in the Judicial Review

Judicial Review

Hungerford Town Council are looking to raise £25,000 to pay legal fees to go to court against the development of 100 houses on land at Salisbury Road which is within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Please follow the link for further information. http://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/salisburyroad

We would welcome your pledge to stop this development.

Hungerford Town Council voted to take West Berkshire Council to Judicial Review following many meetings attended by Councillors and member of the public. 

Please see attached the minutes of the meeting where this decision was voted on to proceed.

Draft Minutes



The major planning application has been submitted to West Berkshire Council for a development of 119 houses with a new access roundabout off Salisbury Road, South of the town, outside the town boundary on a greenfield site has been amended - please see details on letter attached

West Berkshire Council's Preferred Options Housing Site Allocations - Development Plan Document - Hungerford Area

As part of its preferred Options and Housing Site’s Development Plan Document, West Berkshire Council is recommending that 100 dwellings are constructed south of the town off Salisbury Road. However, Hungerford Town Council believes there is a better option with less impact. The preferred Town Council option 'pepper-pots', or spreads the dwellings around the town with some at the rail station area, Smitham Bridge Road and Eddington.

Comments were due by 24th December 2015, and we hope that many of you have submitted your views to be considered.

Please find attached the response submitted by Hungerford Town Council

Hungerford Town Council's response

Please also find attached the report submitted by Ashburn Planning whose expertise in town planning is assisting Hungerford Town Council through this process.

Report by Ashburn Planning


Approx 200 Hungerford residents attended a public meeting to voice their views on the planning application for 119 houses on land south of Priory Road. The meeting confirmed that the majority of those attended strongly object to the planning application with the main reasons being that it is 100% greenfield and in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and alternative brownfield sites are available; the current road infrastructure is not adequate to accommodate the extra car journeys through the town; lack of Primary School places; pressure on an already stretched doctor's surgery as well as concerns voiced by residents adjoining the site regarding flooding.

After listening to the views of the residents, Hungerford Town Council put together their reasons of objection to West Berkshire Council which you can see attached.

HTC Objection Response

App. No. Proposal Location Validated Status Updated Full Details
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